Sunday, April 19, 2015

Model Shrinks Her Waist to 20 Inches By Wearing a Corset Waist Trainer!

Waist training is becoming the craze these times, due to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj experimenting with this growing trend. 
However, one particular lady has taken the trend to excessive levels. Voluptuous Aleira Avendano reached an unbelievable 20inch waistline by sporting a corset for nearly 23 hours on a daily basis.

The curvy model, from Caracas, Venezuela, has been putting on her corset waist trainer for nearly 6 years and generally refers to the corset as her "second skin."

In spite of medical professionals' cautioning that wearing the corset to this extreme can bring about critical health dangers, Aleira proceeds to move heads with her intense contour.

The 25-year-old model started off corset waist training while she was still in her teens and with her boosted 34DD chest, and wide hips she attracts gazes anywhere she goes.

With her excessive waist training, Aleira's medical doctor worries that her rigorous routine could cause problems in the future.

Combined with the waist training, Aleira makes an attempt to maintain her hourglass appearance by eating healthy and working out.

However, a tight corset routine as well as a nutritious lifestyle will only go so far in developing a un-humanlike physique.

Understandably, she receives a lot of positive and negative attention as she walks the streets in her home town with people in disbelief of her body shape.

Corset waist training is considered a safe and effective way to shrink down your belly a few inches. However, even though the extreme waist training worked out for this model, it should never under any circumstances be taken to such extreme levels! Take is slow, and don't overdo it. Always speak with your doctor first before starting anything that will modify your health or body in anyway.

Check out these helpful tips that will get you started with corset waist training the safe way!

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