Thursday, April 16, 2015

Corset Wearing Tips: 5 Questions About Corset Waist Training You Should Consider

Waist Training Time Frame

The common question amongst those who try corset waist training for the first time is “How long should it be worn?” Here you can learn more about the time frame of tight lacing, so you can have a pleasurable journey towards a leaner, sexier body.

How Long Should You Wear Your Steel Bone Corset on a Daily Basis?

According to experts, starters should start wearing their corsets for two to four hours every day. Gradually, you can progress to three to six hours per day.

If waist training is new to you, fit the corset snugly at first. Make use of the first set of clasps.

As your body gets used to the waist cinching progress, you can add an hour or two to your existing daily regimen. At the same time, you can proceed with the second set of clasps.

Because wearers have different body types and shapes, daily waist training time frames often vary. If you are amenable to a gradual change in waist line, wear your corset at 10 hours daily. However, if you want better and faster results, you can undergo waist training at as much as 20 hours per day.

How Many Months Should You Wear a Steel Bone Corset?

As it has been established, the duration of corset waist training largely depends on the tolerance and desired results of the wearer.

A 15% reduction in waist line can be seen after three months of wearing a steel bone corset. This is at the rate of 10 hours per day at 5 days a week.

If you want a bigger reduction – say 25% off your current waist size – a year or two of waist training will be required. This is at the rate of 20 hours per day, every day of the week.

Should You Sleep in a Corset?

You may or you may not, it largely depends on you.

If you are geared towards a 20-hour corset waist training regimen, you can try to sleep in your corset. The lacing should be an inch or half an inch looser than your daytime training though, as your midsection is most likely to relax and expand during sleep.

For best results, try ‘napping’ a few hours in a corset at first.

Should you feel uncomfortable or sick while sleeping in a corset, unlace it! You can always proceed with the regimen once you wake up.

What Others Aspects Should You Consider?

If you have a stomach-related illness, such as the flu, gauge yourself first before wearing your steel bone corset. If the manifesting symptoms largely affect your torso, or if wearing a corset while affects your daily activities, then take a breather from corset waist training for a while.

Can Wearing a Corset Reduce your Waistline For Good?

Yes it can, as long as you are diligent with waist training. At the same time, you need to be disciplined with your diet and exercise. If these three aspects are not in sync, you will not enjoy the lasting effects of waist training.

Remember: waist training is not a quick fix! In order to achieve stellar results, you need to be consistent with waist training. Wearing the corset regularly, together with a healthy diet and exercise, can help you achieve the sexy waist you have always wanted.


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