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Black Cashmere Under Bust Waist Training Corset Review

Black Cashmere Under Bust Corset Review

The most desired slender and seductive sculpting look is now possible with Black Cashmere Under bust waist training corset. From a formal elegant gown to a short thrilling party dress, for a woman a flawlessly shaped exquisite figure is all that she ever wants. With the Black Cashmere Under bust Corset; you will get that impeccable and lustrous figure that you can flaunt. Black Cashmere Under bust Corset is considered to be the waist training specialist as it is the fundamental garment which can be used as a shaper, lingerie, in costumes and it also goes very well with occasion pieces.

The classic design of this waist training expert, lifting up the bust lying just beneath it will give you your most desired sculpted, slim and alluring appearance with the maximum compression you are capable of handling with ease. You do not have to worry about it suffocating you, as it is made from exclusive material cashmere and it has huge elasticity to give you the compression that is required for the sculpted look without strangling you.

You can easily wear the Black Cashmere Under bust Corset with practically any sort of outfit and flaunt yourself if you are wearing something skin-tight giving yourself that sensuous and captivating manifestation.

The Black Cashmere Under bust Corset is a wonder for attaining that waist training flat stomach which will be envied by all. Corset waist training is the best way to have that flawless flat stomach without taking onto vigorous tough exercises. 


This waist training flat stomach connoisseur is made up of three fabric layers. It has two layers on the inside which is strong and pure cotton twill and one layer on the outside which is made up of polyester and is black in colour. There are 26 spiral stays made up of steel that gives the shaping power to the corset along with six steel bars and a busk closure also made of steel. The lace when pulled tight gives the spine support by pulling it close to the waistline giving the sculpted look.

Corset waist training with its modern design and benefits has improved postures of many giving them the slimming effect and a raised bust line and a curved silhouette for the most tantalizing look. It is a much demanded product especially for the waist training flat stomach benefit that is applicable for women of all age groups. It is an impressive shape wear that is beneficial by all women around the world who use it and also recommend others to use it too. Quoting the words of a very pleased customer:

“Corset waist training is immensely comfortable, lovely fabric, excellent craftsmanship, and I am the sexy mama in the block after I had my son, even without excessive dieting. A must have for all.”

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Workout Waist Trainer: Chery Ann Review

Whether you just had a baby, trying to lose a few extra pounds, or simply want to look sexy for a fun night out, waist training can help you attain that hourglass figure you are after. For faster results, it is even recommended to workout in your waist trainer so that you burn extra water stored in your belly giving you almost instant results. If you are looking for a high quality trainer that you can easily exercise in, consider buying Cherry Ann Workout Band.

Perfect for all day use, Cherry Ann workout waist trainer band it is incredibly comfy. In only two weeks you can shed an extra 4 pounds of excess water weight, and 2 inches from around your waist.


  • The inner material around the core is made of high quality latex while the external and internal coating are made of silk cotton;
  • Secure boning for extra support;
  • Made with hook closures;
  • Comes In Purple, Blue, or Pink;


  • Doesn’t look bulky underneath clothes.
  • Does not rise up while you are working out.
  • Encourages perspiration eliminating extra water around the waist;
  • Made with sturdy material so it last a very long time.
  • Instantly take off inches around your waist giving you an hourglass shape. 
  • Helps improve posture. 
  • Reduces inches off waistline naturally with constant use;
  • Good quality waist trainer for less than 60 dollars;


  • Sizing can be a bit funny. I recommend getting a size smaller than the recommended size for your waist if you are trying to train. 
  • Can be difficult to put on;

How Cherry Ann Waist Trainer Works:

Before you start your normal workout routine, wrap your Cherry Ann workout waist trainer around your belly. Not long after, the band will work by compressing your stomach simulating more sweat. This process helps by eliminating extra water stored in your stomach almost instantly reducing the size of your waist.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Model Shrinks Her Waist to 20 Inches By Wearing a Corset Waist Trainer!

Waist training is becoming the craze these times, due to celebrities like Kim Kardashian, and Nicki Minaj experimenting with this growing trend. 
However, one particular lady has taken the trend to excessive levels. Voluptuous Aleira Avendano reached an unbelievable 20inch waistline by sporting a corset for nearly 23 hours on a daily basis.

The curvy model, from Caracas, Venezuela, has been putting on her corset waist trainer for nearly 6 years and generally refers to the corset as her "second skin."

In spite of medical professionals' cautioning that wearing the corset to this extreme can bring about critical health dangers, Aleira proceeds to move heads with her intense contour.

The 25-year-old model started off corset waist training while she was still in her teens and with her boosted 34DD chest, and wide hips she attracts gazes anywhere she goes.

With her excessive waist training, Aleira's medical doctor worries that her rigorous routine could cause problems in the future.

Combined with the waist training, Aleira makes an attempt to maintain her hourglass appearance by eating healthy and working out.

However, a tight corset routine as well as a nutritious lifestyle will only go so far in developing a un-humanlike physique.

Understandably, she receives a lot of positive and negative attention as she walks the streets in her home town with people in disbelief of her body shape.

Corset waist training is considered a safe and effective way to shrink down your belly a few inches. However, even though the extreme waist training worked out for this model, it should never under any circumstances be taken to such extreme levels! Take is slow, and don't overdo it. Always speak with your doctor first before starting anything that will modify your health or body in anyway.

Check out these helpful tips that will get you started with corset waist training the safe way!

Happy Clinching (^_^)

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Corset Wearing Tips: 5 Questions About Corset Waist Training You Should Consider

Waist Training Time Frame

The common question amongst those who try corset waist training for the first time is “How long should it be worn?” Here you can learn more about the time frame of tight lacing, so you can have a pleasurable journey towards a leaner, sexier body.

How Long Should You Wear Your Steel Bone Corset on a Daily Basis?

According to experts, starters should start wearing their corsets for two to four hours every day. Gradually, you can progress to three to six hours per day.

If waist training is new to you, fit the corset snugly at first. Make use of the first set of clasps.

As your body gets used to the waist cinching progress, you can add an hour or two to your existing daily regimen. At the same time, you can proceed with the second set of clasps.

Because wearers have different body types and shapes, daily waist training time frames often vary. If you are amenable to a gradual change in waist line, wear your corset at 10 hours daily. However, if you want better and faster results, you can undergo waist training at as much as 20 hours per day.

How Many Months Should You Wear a Steel Bone Corset?

As it has been established, the duration of corset waist training largely depends on the tolerance and desired results of the wearer.

A 15% reduction in waist line can be seen after three months of wearing a steel bone corset. This is at the rate of 10 hours per day at 5 days a week.

If you want a bigger reduction – say 25% off your current waist size – a year or two of waist training will be required. This is at the rate of 20 hours per day, every day of the week.

Should You Sleep in a Corset?

You may or you may not, it largely depends on you.

If you are geared towards a 20-hour corset waist training regimen, you can try to sleep in your corset. The lacing should be an inch or half an inch looser than your daytime training though, as your midsection is most likely to relax and expand during sleep.

For best results, try ‘napping’ a few hours in a corset at first.

Should you feel uncomfortable or sick while sleeping in a corset, unlace it! You can always proceed with the regimen once you wake up.

What Others Aspects Should You Consider?

If you have a stomach-related illness, such as the flu, gauge yourself first before wearing your steel bone corset. If the manifesting symptoms largely affect your torso, or if wearing a corset while affects your daily activities, then take a breather from corset waist training for a while.

Can Wearing a Corset Reduce your Waistline For Good?

Yes it can, as long as you are diligent with waist training. At the same time, you need to be disciplined with your diet and exercise. If these three aspects are not in sync, you will not enjoy the lasting effects of waist training.

Remember: waist training is not a quick fix! In order to achieve stellar results, you need to be consistent with waist training. Wearing the corset regularly, together with a healthy diet and exercise, can help you achieve the sexy waist you have always wanted.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Corset Waist Training Tips For Beginners

How to Start Waist Training

Corset waist training is a popular activity that has been around since the Victorian age. With its ability to reduce waist measurement and improve posture (among many other benefits,) it comes as no surprise why it continues to be a prevalent practice, right until today.

If you are thinking of pursuing this slimming activity, then here are things you need to know prior to starting with waist training.

Measure your Waist

Prior to starting with corset waist training, you need to measure your waist first. For ladies, it is the thinnest part of the torso, located a few inches above the belly button. For men, the waist is located right at the level of the navel.

Choose the Right Corset

The first thing you need prior is the best product amongst the sea of  steel boned corsets out there. Experts recommended starting with an under bust corset, in order for you, the wearer, to gradually get accustomed to the tight-lacing process.

Once you have your measurements at hand, pick a corset that is 4 to 5 inches smaller than your waistline.

For best results, purchase 2 pairs of cheap steel boned corsets. This will help with the maintenance of the product, as you get to wear each corset alternately.

Break in the Corset

Like other new items of clothing, boned steel corsets need to be broken in at first. That’s because the new panels and steel bones are still rigid. If you do not break in your new corset, you might mind end up damaging it completely.

For the first few weeks of waist training, remember to cinch with care. Tighten the corset so that it fits snugly, not tightly. This will give the panels and the steel bones some time to get accustomed to your body shape.

Begin with Corset Waist Training

Once your steel boned corsets have been broken in, you can proceed with the waist cinching process. For the first few weeks of training, you can wear your corset for two to four hours everyday. Make sure to lace the first clasps first.

As you get accustomed with tight-lacing, you can add an hour or two to your daily regimen. You can proceed with tightening the second clasps as well.

Increase your training hours until you are able to wear the corset for an entire day. As your body gets used to waist training, you will gradually feel comfortable in your boned steel corsets.

Aftercare Reminders

While there are many durable yet cheap steel boned corsets out there, you need to take care of your waist cincher. Here are a few corset care tips:

  • After use, air-dry your corset. Expose the inner lining – one that has been in contact with your skin. Do not place it near a heat source to prevent shrinkage.
  • After several uses, machine wash or hand wash your corset with cold water. Remember NOT to throw your corset into the dryer. Lay it flat on a surface so that it will dry naturally. 

Corset waist training can be hard at first, but it can be beneficial in the long run. As long as you follow these steps on how to start waist training, you can have a rewarding tight-lacing experience.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3 Reasons Why Corset Waist Training Helps You Lose Weight

How Wearing a Corset Will Help With Weight Loss 

Actress Jessica Alba has an enviable body that has landed her on the pages of GQ and Maxim Magazines, to name a few. Even after two pregnancies, she has successfully managed to maintain her sexy hourglass figure.

So how has Jessica managed to maintain her sexy shape? With the help of corset waist training, of course.

Jessica is not the only celeb who has used an under bust waist training corset for weight loss. Stars such as Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke have used waist cinchers as well. Just like them, you can achieve a sexier body with corset waist training. After all, a corset can make these bodily miracles possible:

Immediate Waist Modification

An under bust waist training corset was created in the 16th century to celebrate the beauty of the female figure. Its purpose has been modified throughout the years, from supporting the back and improving posture.

These days, corsets have been used to modify and trim the waist. According to experts, waist training for at least 10 hours a day can help you lose as much as 4 inches.

Special products, such as sports waist cinchers or fitness waist trainers, are made of latex fabric. This compressing fabric can help decrease the size of your midsection by redistributing the fat and organs in your torso to your hips and breasts.

In the long run, the tight fit can make you perspire more. Not only will perspiring help you metabolize fat faster, it can flush toxins out of your body.

Reduction in Food Intake

An under bust waist training corset is designed to fit tightly around the torso. This results in the temporary reduction of stomach capacity.

Apart from limiting food intake, a corset can make eating greasy foods and drinks ‘uncomfortable.’ The unpleasant feeling, of course, prods the wearer to avoid such fattening fares. Of course, with lesser calories taken in, a smaller waist and slimmer figure can eventually be achieved.

For New Mothers: Immediate Return to Pre-pregnancy State

Corset waist training is popular with many women, especially those who have just given birth. That’s because it can help the body return back to its pre-pregnancy state.

According to Nutritionist Franci Cohen, an under bust waist training corset can draw the stretched-out tummy muscles in. Since it reduces stress on the ligaments and select muscle groups, a corset can help you go back to your sexier pre-pregnancy body – faster and easier.

Before You Undergo Corset Waist Training

While a waist cincher can help you eat less and ‘spot reduce’ your midsection, there are a few things you need to remember when waist training.

A corset is an effective weight loss item, but it will not work as well by itself. Like any slimming activity, it is most effective if you observe a healthy diet and perform regular exercise. These two activities can help you maintain the tiny midsection – even if you decide to give your corsets some rest.

First made in the 1500’s, it can be said that the corset is one of the earliest forms of weight loss materials in the world. With its effectiveness (Jessica Alba’s sexy post-childbirth body is concrete proof,) there is no reason why you should not start with a waist training program today.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Best Quality Corsets For Waist Training

If you want to get the most out of corset waist training, then you need to wear the best product in the market. Get to make an informed decision by reading these top-rated corset reviews.

Black Cashmere Under Bust Waist Training Corset

If you are looking for a dependable and stylish cincher for corset waist training, then the Black Cashmere Under bust Corset is what you need. This seductive product is made of a sexy black polyurethane outer layer, and two inner layers of strong and breathable cotton. Its’ under bust design is built to lift your bosom, thereby helping you achieve a sexier shape.

With its six flat steel bars and 26 spiral steel rays, it can help you attain proper posture, as well as a smaller waist. Because it is made of sturdy materials, this fashionable corset is sure to last for a lifetime. At $129.99, it is a very good investment for die-hard corset fanatics.

Silk Floral Brocade Corset

Look sexy and shapely in this beautiful under bust waist training corset. At first glance, you will surely be enamored with its satin trim and silk floral design. Given its elegant design, it is perfect for corset waist training and lingerie purposes.

Just as beautiful as its exterior is its ability to reduce your waist line. According to most users, it can help you lose four inches simply by wearing it for 30 days (at 8-10 hours per day.)

With its many positive corset reviews, it comes as no surprise why it is one of the top-rated waist-cinchers in the market.

Brocade Design Under Bust Waist Training Corset

When it comes to uniqueness, nothing compares to the Brocade Design corset. For one, it stands out among others because of its front-placed closures. Because of this set-up, it is easier to apply and tighten as needed.

Compared to other products, it only has 12 flat steel bones. What it lacks in number, it makes up for in results. After all, it can create a slimmer midsection, as well as an enhanced posture.

Another aspect that sets this product apart is its short size. Even at a length of 10.5 inches, it still is very effective in waist-cinching.

If you want a perkier bust and a shapelier silhouette, then do try this product for your waist cinching needs. With its many positive corset reviews, you can never go wrong with this item.

Bonitaz Waist Cincher Under Bust Corset  

If you are looking for a cheap product with largely good corset reviews, then what you need is this waist cincher under bust waist training corset by Bonitaz. At $39.99 per piece, it can provide optimum results without burning a hole in your pocket.

Despite its cheap price, it can deliver the good corset waist training results that you are hoping for – a sexier tummy and a better posture, among many others. That’s because it features strong steel busk closures, which can help you cinch your waist effectively.

With its’ under bust design, it can lift up your chest, thereby giving you an instant hourglass figure. Since it is available in the colors black and red, there is no reason why you should not purchase both for your corset compendium.

Buy Bonitaz Under Bust Corset: 39.99 

If you are searching for where to buy waist trainer corsets check out Hourglass Angel for trendy and high quality corsets 

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How to Find the Right Corset for Waist Training

Corset waist training is the slow yet steady process of waist trimming. Also known as waist-cinching, this activity is made possible with the use of a steel bone corset.

More than just creating a sexy and slim look, corset waist training can promote correct posture as well. So if you plan on undertaking this activity, here are several tips that can help you find the best corset for waist training.

Know the Different Types of Corsets

When it comes to corsets, know that it is not “one size fits all.” There are different types of corsets, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Overbust Corset. As the name suggests, it is a style that covers the bust. Necklines range from straight, plunge and sweetheart. It can come with or without a strap. It is often used for back support and waist enhancement.
Underbust Corset. True to its’ name, this corset terminates under the bust line. Recommended for first timers, an under bust corset can provide back support and promote waist cinching.

Waspie. Also known as a waist cincher, it is a belt worn around the waist to reduce its size (or make it look thinner, at the very least.) While it is used solely for fashion purposes, there are waspies that can be used for waist reduction as well.

Mind the Bones

In order to accomplish your goal of waist cinching, you need to check the boning of the corset. Avoid those made with plastic bones as they give in rather easily. At the same time, it cannot provide the support that your torso needs.

For best results, opt for a steel bone corset. As the name suggests, it is made from different kinds of steel. The flat steel provides shape and support around the busk and the grommet. The spiral steel, on the other hand, permits a thorough yet flexible waist cinch.

Choose the Right Fabric

Since you are going to wear a corset for several hours, it is important to find a product made with exceptional fabric. Corsets lined with coutil are recommended, as this fabric is strong, smooth and stretch-resistant. It prevents sweating, therefore extending the life of your steel bone corset.

How to Find the Right Size

If it is your first time to try corset waist training, measure your waist first. For women, the waist is the smallest part of the torso, located a few inches above your navel. In men, the waist is located at the bottom of the navel.

Next, choose an under bust corset that is 4-5 inches smaller than your waist. This corset is recommended for first times as it can help you get accustomed to the rigors of waist cinching.

Corset Waist Training for First Timers

Like a new pair of shoes, your new corset must be ‘broken in.’ If not, you might damage it– and you’ll end up wasting your hard-earned money.

For first timers, the golden rule is “though shalt not over compress.” That means tightening the steel bone corset until it is snug-fitting, not tight-fitting. This will enable the panels and stiff bones to work around your shape. 

Once the corset is broken in, you can go tighter. Just make sure you are comfortable with every adjustment you make.

Corsets are not made merely for aesthetic purposes; they can be beneficial to your health too! Get the most out of these waist cinchers by following these tips on how to find the right corset for waist training.

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