Sunday, June 21, 2015

Workout Waist Trainer: Chery Ann Review

Whether you just had a baby, trying to lose a few extra pounds, or simply want to look sexy for a fun night out, waist training can help you attain that hourglass figure you are after. For faster results, it is even recommended to workout in your waist trainer so that you burn extra water stored in your belly giving you almost instant results. If you are looking for a high quality trainer that you can easily exercise in, consider buying Cherry Ann Workout Band.

Perfect for all day use, Cherry Ann workout waist trainer band it is incredibly comfy. In only two weeks you can shed an extra 4 pounds of excess water weight, and 2 inches from around your waist.


  • The inner material around the core is made of high quality latex while the external and internal coating are made of silk cotton;
  • Secure boning for extra support;
  • Made with hook closures;
  • Comes In Purple, Blue, or Pink;


  • Doesn’t look bulky underneath clothes.
  • Does not rise up while you are working out.
  • Encourages perspiration eliminating extra water around the waist;
  • Made with sturdy material so it last a very long time.
  • Instantly take off inches around your waist giving you an hourglass shape. 
  • Helps improve posture. 
  • Reduces inches off waistline naturally with constant use;
  • Good quality waist trainer for less than 60 dollars;


  • Sizing can be a bit funny. I recommend getting a size smaller than the recommended size for your waist if you are trying to train. 
  • Can be difficult to put on;

How Cherry Ann Waist Trainer Works:

Before you start your normal workout routine, wrap your Cherry Ann workout waist trainer around your belly. Not long after, the band will work by compressing your stomach simulating more sweat. This process helps by eliminating extra water stored in your stomach almost instantly reducing the size of your waist.