Wednesday, February 11, 2015

3 Reasons Why Corset Waist Training Helps You Lose Weight

How Wearing a Corset Will Help With Weight Loss 

Actress Jessica Alba has an enviable body that has landed her on the pages of GQ and Maxim Magazines, to name a few. Even after two pregnancies, she has successfully managed to maintain her sexy hourglass figure.

So how has Jessica managed to maintain her sexy shape? With the help of corset waist training, of course.

Jessica is not the only celeb who has used an under bust waist training corset for weight loss. Stars such as Kim Kardashian and Brooke Burke have used waist cinchers as well. Just like them, you can achieve a sexier body with corset waist training. After all, a corset can make these bodily miracles possible:

Immediate Waist Modification

An under bust waist training corset was created in the 16th century to celebrate the beauty of the female figure. Its purpose has been modified throughout the years, from supporting the back and improving posture.

These days, corsets have been used to modify and trim the waist. According to experts, waist training for at least 10 hours a day can help you lose as much as 4 inches.

Special products, such as sports waist cinchers or fitness waist trainers, are made of latex fabric. This compressing fabric can help decrease the size of your midsection by redistributing the fat and organs in your torso to your hips and breasts.

In the long run, the tight fit can make you perspire more. Not only will perspiring help you metabolize fat faster, it can flush toxins out of your body.

Reduction in Food Intake

An under bust waist training corset is designed to fit tightly around the torso. This results in the temporary reduction of stomach capacity.

Apart from limiting food intake, a corset can make eating greasy foods and drinks ‘uncomfortable.’ The unpleasant feeling, of course, prods the wearer to avoid such fattening fares. Of course, with lesser calories taken in, a smaller waist and slimmer figure can eventually be achieved.

For New Mothers: Immediate Return to Pre-pregnancy State

Corset waist training is popular with many women, especially those who have just given birth. That’s because it can help the body return back to its pre-pregnancy state.

According to Nutritionist Franci Cohen, an under bust waist training corset can draw the stretched-out tummy muscles in. Since it reduces stress on the ligaments and select muscle groups, a corset can help you go back to your sexier pre-pregnancy body – faster and easier.

Before You Undergo Corset Waist Training

While a waist cincher can help you eat less and ‘spot reduce’ your midsection, there are a few things you need to remember when waist training.

A corset is an effective weight loss item, but it will not work as well by itself. Like any slimming activity, it is most effective if you observe a healthy diet and perform regular exercise. These two activities can help you maintain the tiny midsection – even if you decide to give your corsets some rest.

First made in the 1500’s, it can be said that the corset is one of the earliest forms of weight loss materials in the world. With its effectiveness (Jessica Alba’s sexy post-childbirth body is concrete proof,) there is no reason why you should not start with a waist training program today.